Modern Illustrated Books & Original Bindings

The ALDE auction house organizes two sales a year devoted to modern illustrated books & original bindings. This continues a tradition started over 100 years ago by the Giraud-Badin Bookstore with whom we work closely.

The history of illustrated books get confused with that of the printing press. This is because printers quickly wanted to emulate the beauty of illuminated manuscripts.

This tradition continued, notably with the development from the mid-19th century of books by painters alongside those decorated by illustrators.

These works have always been prized by collectors who have chosen to have them bound by master binders.

Our catalogues of modern illustrated books are organized in two sections: the first devoted to those with original bindings and the second is reserved for books in their original box.

This area of collecting has an international following.

The modern illustrated books & original bindings department of ALDE auction house is at your disposal for any advice, estimate or sale you may need.

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